Ultra HD

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I wish I could corral these thoughts
into indulgences, dig deep through
iron bars, roots of passion and
examine wordless lips held
silent by the blue mute button
on a flat screen plasma.

© Ben Ditmars 2015

Mutant Love

“Love is a dog from hell” – Charles Bukowski

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They say your innocence is lost
Damage, errors in your replication
Degenerate a sterile nature
But you are no less strong,
Ungodly or unrighteous;

Inheritance from sin becomes
Experience discernible
In cytoplasmic fragments
Of a stolen past where we
Adjust to amplitude and waves;
Commotion by the pillowcase.

© Ben Ditmars 2015

Bought Cheap

“I deserve hell”
I exclaimed into the bathroom mirror
Realizing my jeans were sewn
In hell and I had bought them cheap,
There are more quotes on the internet
About food than poverty, but that can’t
Change reality or books on making money
There are songs about life
But fewer about death and
That is some small consolation
As there are many more
On love than there are hate.

© Ben Ditmars 2015

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The Things They Don’t Teach

I wrote a poem inspired by a quote from Neil Gaiman. He writes about the things they don’t teach you at school, the things they can’t teach you at all, really.

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The Things They Don’t Teach

I made a list of things
They don’t teach you at school –

They don’t teach you how to disappear
They don’t teach you how to be alone
They don’t teach you how to dream and
Come up short. They don’t teach you
Bad things happen or that heroes
Struggle after victory and war
Continues in their minds.
They don’t teach you how to mend
A broken heart or spare someone
You love the truth. They don’t teach
You anything worth knowing.
But how could they?

© Ben Ditmars 2015