Book Review: Cemetery Tours by Jacqueline E. Smith


Cemetery Tours

by Jacqueline E. Smith

5/5 stars

Cemetery Tours has much strength as a novel: the characters are interesting, the story is original, and it capitalizes on the recent popularity of ghost hunting. I found the characters and their interactions particularly fascinating: Michael can see ghosts and he likes the girl next door who lives with a ghost; but also, there’s Luke, the popular ghost hunter pursuing her. There’s a subtle brilliance as the story goes on and delves into the complications of communicating with dead people. Nothing is straightforward as you imagine it might be. Fantasy and poetry are usually the genres I read, but I found more than enough adventure and heart within these pages. Definitely worth stepping out of your comfort zone if you have not read paranormal books before. Did I mention Michael has a humorous (and sometimes inappropriate) ghost roommate named Brink?

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