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“I am not made

from a caustic image

of another’s definition”

-Susie Clevenger


“I met her on a dating app.

she had to be the one.

or something like it.

maybe, the sexy way

she typed was irresistible…”

-Ben Ditmars

Inhale the Night is now AVAILABLE!


That’s right, my new collection of poetry, Inhale the Night, is ready to date. It put on its best aftershave, and it’s ready for your Kindle device or mobile app. I can’t wait to read what everyone thinks. Here are some samples of poetry from Inhale the Night:

Green Stars

I forgot your eyes
green stars
seen white
against the shade
of better days
blended with

Simple Things

elevators climb
soft and jaded
broken promises
on rooftops.

like simple and
forgotten foreplay.