And Now a Poetic Interview with Michael Veloff!

Michael Veloff has the distinction of being the strangest poet I’ve encountered. We’ve known of each other for a while but only met just recently at a poetry meeting. Suffice to say, his beard is better than mine. But he also writes and memorizes poems, that he and others have written. If that’s not enough, he granted me written permission to use his organs in the event California declines. It’s all part of my plot to collect parts from the best poets and create a talented monster. Now… let’s get rolling with the questions.


1. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

If I told you a little about myself, it would likely lead to more questions, I’m not sure you have the time to go into my background, nor I, the energy.

2. When did you start writing poetry?

When I was in my teens, spent 10 years in the business world as a sales and marketing person, then years recovering from mental health issues, picked up writing for pleasure again in 2007.

3. Do you have a favorite poet/poem?

Since Feeling Is First, E.E. Cummings

4. Does music inspire you? What kind?

(I) Listen to a lot of Grateful Dead, but am fond of all genres as long as they are well written and performed.

5. Do you write on the computer or in a notebook?

I write most of my work on this Similachron (TM Pending).

6. If you could write a poem anywhere, where would it be?

On Neptune.

Me: Neptune is very underrated as a planet.

7. What do you enjoy most about writing poetry?

The finished product, so that I can clear the word streams in my head and get some rest…

8. If you could hang out with any poet, who would it be?

I honestly don’t know that many poets, living or dead, and with all my personality quirks, not sure they could handle me, I’d have to say, not knowing him, Robert Hunter (nee Burns) lyricist for the Grateful Dead.

9. If you could physically fight a fellow poet, from any point in time, who would they be?

Would I be permitted to use my wizard powers or would it be strictly human rules, if it’s human rules, I would abstain.

Me: Wizard powers are always welcome.

10. Have you read or performed poetry live at slams or open mic?

No and yes.

11. Why does nothing rhyme with orange?

Because some writers haven’t sufficient imagination, I have used slant rhymes and such, but the best response I got was from my adopted dad, Ray, in West Huckabuck. When I told him that nothing rhymes with orange, he said: “What about lime? You can color it to match.”

12. Do you post your poetry online?

Yes, sometimes, have a bad habit of losing poetry I don’t post online.

13. Do you put your writing into pictures to share on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook?

Hell NO!

14. What is the most difficult poetry to write? Are there any forms you dislike?

I find poetry with specific syllable counts the most difficult for me, although I interact with many poets that love these forms, just too restrictive for me, and I find myself breaking out of the prescribed formulas without really making any serious attempt at the forms.

15. Do you believe anyone can learn to write poetry? Do you think anyone can enjoy reading it?

Yes and Yes.

16. Where do vanishing objects go? Remember to phrase your answer in the form of a riddle.

Where should vanishing objects go?

Me: Wherever you send them.

17. What project(s) are you currently working on, poetry or otherwise?

I am currently planning a film photography class for the Toledo Free School, compiling another collection of my tripe for consumer consumption is currently on hold. Seems the market is glutted for tripe.

18. Would you like to share a poem with us today?

No, maybe next time, it’s late, but thank you for asking.

Me: Thanks for the interview, Michael!


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