Behind Every Plague

let your hair down,
beg the question.

measure sadness
by the glass.

there are silver linings
behind every plague and

drained cliché

the rest is breathing,
eyes wide open in the dark
and history.

© Ben Ditmars 2015

Image Source: Flickr


I read every piece of
inspiration about love
sipping wine like
verbal courage from
your hands but still

the honest truth of you
remains in every sigh
and daydream as the
hours feel like minutes:

I am less afraid of
plunging into unknown
depths and melting with
my hands on your horizon.

© Ben Ditmars 2014

Image Source: Flickr

Sunset Poetry (with Helle Gade)

I wrote a poem with my good friend and poet, Helle Gade. It was inspired by the amazing photography of Kim Stapf.


Theirs is sky above the trees
And we are lost below
The crimson failure
With a tangerine and blue indifference
Molten lava runs through our veins
While we gaze upon the liquid gold
That runs across the celestial sphere
As we try and find our way through life
Into a new horizon
Blanketed with clouds
And silhouettes of us
Entwined as scoria
With scarlet dreams
We enter the night
A new beginning
Of hushed whispers

© 2014 Ben Ditmars and Helle Gade

You can find out more about Kim here:
Purplerose123 Blog

And Helle here: