Cover Reveal: Inhale the Night

Join Ben Ditmars, author of Night Poems and Haiku in the Night, on his final journey through the Midnight hours. Explore and breathe with him as night descends and stars emerge into new memories. Through free-verse, epic, and haiku poetry, some roads are darker than others….


Release Date 10/10/14

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Darkness Devoured

A collaboration with Christopher G J Smith

Brave the demons inside
As they try to hide
Devouring the soul
Continuing to grow.

Dark thoughts they deliver
As you try not to shiver
Night takes over the day
The demons come out to play.

Rogue visions never free
From worry or
A searing pain
Against the grain.

Exertion caught in gridlock
While the devils talk
Of oil spills and
Unpaid bills.

Life smashes into the face
Where we fall from grace
And hell takes over life
Causing too much strife
So where are those few people
Who thought us all equal
Where powers that be lied
And all our heroes died.

Bodies strewn on tanks in misspelled towns
as if killing could be worth the crown
or price paid for a higher share…
how quickly we forget despair.

Power lies and
Evil never dies but
Carelessness might
Be the deadly bite

© Ben Ditmars and Christopher G J Smith 2014


Image Source: Flickr

Surface to Air

Inspired by several bits of random thoughts today.

She walks in starlight
Coming of age
In a riptide.

Her lone synth chords
Reminiscent of an
Open mic motel.

Burning multi-layered sound
We don’t fear the dark now.

There’s room enough for two
And Technicolor in a
Hot air balloon.

I can taste the comfort
On another world with you.

Delicate piano dodging
Missiles from the ground and
Candy playing on the radio

Can’t sing like we can hum
And feel the undertow.

© Ben Ditmars 2014


Image Source: Flickr