Odyssey Part 2

This is the fifth edition in my series, published in Inhale the NightSleeping with Earth, an eBook released by Darcia Helle and Moments at Midnight.

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The bell rang

As she rushed to

Fifth period –

Barely making it

Before Jacie,

Blond as she was popular,

Pushed Odyssey inside.

Mr. Lewis briefly

Looked but otherwise

Said nothing.

He always said nothing.

Like the memory

Her father left of a

Drowned body and

Ring left on the pier…

He remained as cold and lifeless.

She could feel the golden circle

In her jeans –

A gift her mother left

Before the virus got the best of her

Last June.

She couldn’t visit with

The hospital locked down

But she

Heard her voice crack over

Zoom calls.

Telling her:

“Stay beautiful

Like the light you are

And shine between us.”


© Ben Ditmars 2021


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Odyssey Part 1

This is the fifth edition in my series, published in Inhale the Night, Sleeping with Earth, an eBook released by Darcia Helle and Moments at Midnight.

Instead of writing every day for National Poetry Month, I thought I might give you this each week. Enjoy.



‘Her dad jumped off a bridge’

said the girl behind her back.

‘Her mother followed him


with the Firebird’

Only half of it was true.

Her father jumped,

Leanne refused to follow.

She was immortal.

She was more than him.

She was the Firebird

reborn into a child

from the ashes –

skin and bones

a hungry heart

named Odyssey.


© Ben Ditmars 2021


Explore The End of Nights, Journey, and more.

Journey #poetry #book #series

This is the third part in my series, published in Inhale the Night and Sleeping with Earth. The upcoming part will be in an eBook released by Darcia Helle this spring.


Image Source by Flickr (CC)




Leanne heard them lecture

her on what it meant to be a

strong woman. But she felt

strong handcuffed to the bed….


Waiting for jail,

or more interrogations…


she saw flashes

of the Firebird she crashed

into the lake


because he said he loved it

more than her.


Now, it seemed so



he was never worth

a moment (or fake



she pleased herself

before the lights came on

and it was almost enough

to forget –

her child.


he could go to hell for

all she cared

but Journey was

a loss

clawing at her throat

each morning-


if Gene had never

drank that night,

or she confronted him…


a bottle would not be

smashed against her head and

Journey would be

in Kindergarten


it wasn’t her fault.

they all told her he was trash.

and she had left him

years too late.


now, he came to see her

with his lawyer

and she agreed to

let him have the ring –

a parting gift


laced with every poison

she could find.


Ben Ditmars © 2019

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