Dungeons, Dragons, and Defenestration

My two friends, Michelle Franklin and Ciara Ballintyne, both asked me to write poems tonight. Michelle had lost her D20 dice in Dungeons and Dragons. Naturally, she was rather choked up and asked if I could help her with a poem. My other friend Ciara had previously given me a wonderful idea for a poem called Ode to Somewhat. I asked if she had more and she came up with defenestration, or throwing someone out a window.


glowing numbers
rolling red like
dragon fire in
a cave where
we keep warm.

© Ben Ditmars 2014


Image Source: Flickr


curls fighting
urges of
twisting new emotions
into old intelligence.

© Ben Ditmars 2014


Image by: Flickr


Writing Spaces

I recently read an article on where famous authors do their writing. There were some remarkable and inspiring locations and it made me wonder where the authors I know (the majority being small press and indie) write their words. I collected photographs from ten authors including myself: we span the spectrum from poetry and comedy to horror and high fantasy. Thank you to all the writers who let me into their homes (and other special places) through photographs: Ciara BallintyneSusie Clevenger, M.E. Franco, Helle Gade, Nadia Hasan, Natasha Head, Jon Konrath, C L Raven, and Stacey Roberts.

Ciara Ballintyne

Ciara Ballintyne, author of Confronting the Demon

Susie Clevenger

Susie Clevenger, author of Dirt Road Dreams

M.E. Franco

M.E. Franco, author of The Dion Series and The Rustler’s Daughter

Ben Ditmars

Ben Ditmars, author of Night Poems and Haiku in the Night

Helle Gade

Helle Gade, author of Silent Dreams and Savage Rose

Nadia Hasan

Nadia Hasan, author of From the Cafe and Beyond

Natasha Head

Natasha Head, author of Pulse and Nothing Left to Lose

Jon Konrath

Jon Konrath, author of Sleep Has No Master and Atmospheres

Cat Lynx Raven

C L Raven, authors of Disenchanted and Romance is Dead

Stacey Roberts

Stacey Roberts, author of Trailer Trash, With a Girl’s Name