Book Review: Broken Places by Rachel Thompson


Broken Places

by Rachel Thompson

5/5 stars

Some poets are born, but most are made. I believe Rachel Thompson possesses an inner-strength transcending both ideals. Perhaps her poetry would not be possible without her story, but that is immaterial. She was born and makes a difference. I am not a survivor of sexual abuse, but I feel the intensity of her writing and the strength that it provides. There is courage in the ability to speak that I know others will find because of Broken Places. I better understand the enormity our actions and indifference can cause to victims of abuse. And I find solace in the truth and beauty of her words that touched my soul. If you like great writing or poetry, please give this book your time. It will be well worth it. Two of my favorite passages were:


can a ghost of air and dust
hold me now?


It’s beautiful, this hill we climb
To the quiet, most private silence of our souls