Odyssey Part 1

This is the fifth edition in my series, published in Inhale the Night, Sleeping with Earth, an eBook released by Darcia Helle and Moments at Midnight.

Instead of writing every day for National Poetry Month, I thought I might give you this each week. Enjoy.



‘Her dad jumped off a bridge’

said the girl behind her back.

‘Her mother followed him


with the Firebird’

Only half of it was true.

Her father jumped,

Leanne refused to follow.

She was immortal.

She was more than him.

She was the Firebird

reborn into a child

from the ashes –

skin and bones

a hungry heart

named Odyssey.


© Ben Ditmars 2021


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Review for From the Depths of Darkness by Khaya Ronkainen ! #Books #Review #Poetry

From the Depths of Darkness by Khaya Ronkainen ~ 
Immediately this book catches your eye. It’s like looking into a beautiful sunset. The cover, the illustration is on another level. And the words cut deeper. Death and tragedy blend with stories of surviving the impossible. I was blown away. From the Depths of Darkness is the kind of poetry that will change the world.
“What you find buried in warm sweet water / swirling and inviting stays with you / long after tea cups have dried” ~ *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

Find the book here.

Review for Imagination Is My Escape by H.E. Hoover #Books #Poetry #Review

This debut book by H.E. Hoover is a stunning accomplishment. The raw passion of the author’s observations hit home as a millennial. I’m reminded almost of the singer Halsey with her ability to express what many of us have felt growing up this century. Society (The Saddest Poem I’ll Ever Write) captures a disassociation that surely comes with the lack of empathy online culture has generated. In this way, it is an incredibly important and crucial read. I highly recommend buying this book.

Find the book here.

Review for Milkshakes & Chilidogs by @bartbarkerpoet #Books #Poetry #Review

Overall, a different book from others I have read. It is a short, light read that does not overwhelm you with substance. The focus is largely food and the emotions behind it. Some of the descriptions were strange but that might be my familiarity with cooking in the Midwest. My biggest criticism is it did not go as deep as I would like. *I received this book for free and voluntarily reviewed*

Find Milkshakes & Chilidogs here.

Review for Smiles Under Pillows by Vivian Zems #Books #Poetry #Review

This is an upcoming release you don’t want to miss. I really enjoyed the easy-going flow of Vivian Zems’ words. Some rhyme, some tug and all of them leave you feeling a little bit better. *I received this book for free and voluntarily reviewed*

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