Police strobes by the

Carolinas find us wearing

The same denim.

Image Source: Google (cc)

Powder blue waves of

Sapphires stirring inside

Steel aquamarine.


© Ben Ditmars 2017

Ask the Center

Image Source: Google (cc)

i ask the center of this world a

lonely question because i know

its mass is greater skating off a surface

slightly cooler to the touch,

reduced to iron

only you obstruct

my justice and burn

hotter than blue giant



© Ben Ditmars 2017

I Seek the Stars

hopelessness inside of
sunken voices screaming
dreamers die cold
against the stars
they seek.

and I am
no exception to
the golden rule
turned silver before
flashing bronze.

light cannot escape
the truth caused and
stimulated by mundane
emotions everyday….

he hates her
and she hates him
because the copier
has never worked.

and we are red
and we are blue like
rising lava from
the sky.

© Ben Ditmars 2014


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