Review for From the Depths of Darkness by Khaya Ronkainen ! #Books #Review #Poetry

From the Depths of Darkness by Khaya Ronkainen ~ 
Immediately this book catches your eye. It’s like looking into a beautiful sunset. The cover, the illustration is on another level. And the words cut deeper. Death and tragedy blend with stories of surviving the impossible. I was blown away. From the Depths of Darkness is the kind of poetry that will change the world.
“What you find buried in warm sweet water / swirling and inviting stays with you / long after tea cups have dried” ~ *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

Find the book here.


Review for Imagination Is My Escape by H.E. Hoover #Books #Poetry #Review

This debut book by H.E. Hoover is a stunning accomplishment. The raw passion of the author’s observations hit home as a millennial. I’m reminded almost of the singer Halsey with her ability to express what many of us have felt growing up this century. Society (The Saddest Poem I’ll Ever Write) captures a disassociation that surely comes with the lack of empathy online culture has generated. In this way, it is an incredibly important and crucial read. I highly recommend buying this book.

Find the book here.

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