My review of A Precious Thing By Regina Puckett

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The author touches on many feelings in this poetry book. So much has gone on in the world lately, this author took to her pen and paper to keep her sanity. There’s definitely a poem that’ll touch your heart and soul.

One of my favorites: If There’s Nothing Left worth saving

I lived to see a country get torn to tatters

I saw people tear apart what really matters

My voice was lost in the echoes of millions of voices

My visions pulled apart when they stole my choices

I got lost in the crowd who got lost in the crowd

I raise the alarm I want to be forcefully cowed

So I’m lost here in the rubble, our talking heads nuked

My ears are filled with nonsense our newscasters puke

My heart longs for a time I will never see again

So if there’s nothing left saving did anyone…

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