Haiku in Memory of Tom Petty


i smell of the moon –

one last time to kill the pain

and taste rock candy.


no, i won’t back down

among the wildflowers

we belong to them.


music and chaos

free fall into nothing, the

sounds of nineteen guns.


she was an american girl…

a nurse, a teacher, a veteran.


© Ben Ditmars 2017


Photograph Courtesy of Helle Gade


Swallow the Sun


Image Source: Flickr (cc)


if a solar eclipse can

swallow the sun, will

there be less darkness?


will we feel the speed

of gravity stop everything –

or will we carry on

frozen lifeless

shouting racial slurs?


i hope they find us staring

deeply at each other

after sex

or dancing slow –


i want to be a sculpture

of a swan or angel


anything but human.


© Ben Ditmars 2017


I wrote this back in the dark ages of July 2017. Has it really been that long?


Starry Isolation

pulses rising in the
desert sunset

branding us with vapor,
starry skies

we survive against
the night, entwined

becoming one.


© Ben Ditmars 2017


Photograph Courtesy of Amber AquaIntense Norrgard

Fire and the Fury

i have been busy
writing poetry by sight
and sound – observing
fire and the fury
without words –

somehow less is more
than we deserve,
another Vicodin replacing cigarettes

when death is near enough
to Bedminster, Mar a Lago or
his tower –

it will be a national emergency.


© Ben Ditmars 2017

3146572668_400b8c5650_o (1).jpg

Image Source: Flickr