2 Haiku


Ocean heard through walls

The slow roll of TV sounds

An inner sadness.


Towels folded like

Sky is indiscernible

But we are nothing.


© Ben Ditmars 2017

Photograph Courtesy of Susie Clevenger


hang like braided hair

caught between my
fingers and

a cataclysm

so like

red veins

seeking respite in
a sanctuary city.

© Ben Ditmars 2017

Photograph Courtesy of Kim Stapf

Solar Radii

I’ve spent time measuring
a volume of kind words,
aggression spilled on
pavement equivalent the
mass of ugliness.

he didn’t stand a chance as
bullets clashed with liters of
intolerance and hit between
the solar radius of three
young hearts.

© Ben Ditmars 2016


Photograph Courtesy of Kim Stapf

Read her blog here.

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