Type 2 Playlist #Poetry Books

I saw where @poetry.rae made a playlist for her poetry book and wanted to try it.

My collection Type 2 (currently available on Amazon) was written about my diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. I’d like to think the themes are universal enough for everyone however. We all have unseen struggles. We all have highs and lows. Things become broken and maybe there’s no easy way to be unbroken. We just have to keep moving on the best we can.
These five songs mirror the sections of my book: shock, pain, anger, depression and healing ❤️‍🩹
My first song is Scare Away the Dark by Passenger. I think there’s an idealism in the lyrics of how things should have been. There’s a sense that somewhere we can find answers if we open up our eyes. Perhaps the shock is necessary in that regard. How else would we make the drastic changes needed to survive?

These lines stick out to me:

“We should run through the forests
We should swim in the streams
We should laugh, we should cry
We should love, we should dream”
Next is Stubborn Love by the Lumineers. This song definitely represents pain to me. It’s a different kind of pain that doesn’t come from choices, but uncertainty. We control a great deal, but there are things like chronic illness which are unpredictable. We can’t always be promised next year or tomorrow.

These lines stand out to me:

“Keep your head up,
keep your love”
No. 3 is Hold Back the River by James Bay. It’s a strange song to associate with anger because it’s quite beautiful. But like the rolling tides of insulin, we need to deal with those feelings inside us. It’s easy to feel bitter and angry. But it doesn’t make it any easier on us or loved ones.

These lines stand out:

“Tried to keep you close to me
But life got in between”
Crooked Smile by J Cole is another gem. How does it represent depression? Well, it’s about coming to terms with your own flaws. And finding beauty where you can.

These lines stand out:

“I keep my twisted grill, just to show them kids it’s real”
Lastly, All of the Stars by Ed Sheeran . This song played at the end of The Fault in Our Stars. It’s always made me think of facing mortality.

These lines stand out:

“All of these stars will guide us home”

Want more? Check out the extended track list on Spotify.

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