Odyssey Part 3

This is the fifth edition in my series, published in Inhale the NightSleeping with Earth, an eBook released by Darcia Helle and Moments at Midnight.

Find part two right here. Part one here.


Image Source: Flickr (CC)



was scratched into her three ring

notebook –

it was her small way

of chipping at the ceiling

while Mr. Lewis

rambled on –

another man,


omnipotent in his domain.

he could have geometry

for all she cared.

Odyssey learned better

Without distractions

Of which, there were too many –

Her grandmother didn’t understand

A teenage girl or

Think to speak

Instead of yell –

It was painful to go home.

It was painful to stay.

Jacie tore up bits

Of her eraser and threw

Them at Odyssey

Forcing her to turn around.

“Stop!” she yelled.

The class laughed

In unison.

“Odyssey, is there a


Her teacher asked.

She mouthed “nothing”

And he quickly moved

From sines to tangents.

Odyssey took a deep

Breath as her mother taught her.

It would be okay, and if not,

She had a rubber band to tie

Around a pen and nail

for Jacie’s throat.


© Ben Ditmars 2021


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