3 thoughts on “20 Hands for Boulder

  1. Whew! 🙏🏾 When I woke up that morning, to the news of yet another slaying, I thought it was a joke of some kind — a heartless parody of the sometimes cruel world we live in…

    But, it was not an inappropriate joke — it is real, cold and bright against exquisite lush mountain sceneries like you see on screensavers. I don’t think I’ve completely processed it yet, as the latest, public display of all American hate. It’s kinda just stuck there… in queue, if you will — an uncleared print job just… lingering there. Anyone else feel like that?

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    • There is a constant refrain, almost nihilistic, that debilitating problems are not real. We should look the other way as we’re gunned down to face a society with no mercy or healthcare. Perhaps it’s more indifference than outright hate.

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      • I just don’t think I have the space for — this too — right now. Know what I mean? The murders in ATL just happened a few days ago, man. It’s an overload and I know, from my experience, just knowing myself, I don’t process it all at once. Because what then happens is that the people who got killed all become one mass of hurt, for me, and I don’t think that’s right either…

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