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There aren’t enough straight
jackets stretching
from the Gulf
to wrap
around us,

Yet we hang
ourselves with
imagining a white-washed

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Author & Poet Ben Ditmars #interview

Incredible interview by Helle Gade!

Helle Gade

Please give a warm welcome to author and poet Ben Ditmars


Tell us a bit about yourself


Ah, the million-dollar question. Which is good, because I could really use a million dollars. I am an author and poet, currently working in bookkeeping and accounting. This ties into my latest collection Number Poetry – all about the hidden rhythm of the written word. But when I’m not writing or counting beans, I enjoy exploring local history and traveling. I found a bar near my parent’s house where Al Capone used to relax. Pretty cool, eh?



Have you always wanted to become an poet/author?


I’ve always wanted to be heard. But I’m shy around strangers. Writing helps me decipher my thoughts and communicate better.


What was your inspiration for the writing?


I find inspiration everywhere. The sky, the trees, stars in space – a lot…

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