#PoetryMonth: Some #PoetsofInstagram, part 2

A Life Among The Pages

This is the first of two posts featuring a number of poets from Instagram. I recently posted an explanation as to why I’m focusing on IG poets. You can find that here if you haven’t read it yet. I hope you check them out and also share others you may know of.


by Megan, @unrulywords

Wild Oats

by Ben Ditmars, @BenDitmars

The Beauty of a Woman

by Yvette, @onedertwinpowers

The Beauty of a Woman

She is Shapely Contours,
‘La Femme physique’
of contrasting Design.
With each curvature,
the story…
graphically aligned.
Consciously aware
is the Beauty…
in and of this find.

Visually taste…
teleported in time,
released Inhibitions
confront unaccustomed minds.
She is Futuristic.
Doubled down on Double blind.
Confidently playing,
she wins Everytime.

these things shape us

by Emily Jane Burton, @emjaneburton

As we all know, poetry isn’t just about what’s on the page. Much of poetry…

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#PoetryMonth: Some #PoetsofInstagram, part 1

A Life Among The Pages


by Dan Leicht, @deeliopunk

a poem

by Ashley, @anerdgirl

A Game With Time

by T.S. Anon, @t.s.anon

Note from R.Z – Before reading the full poem below, here’s the original post from IG. You’ll find the poem looks much different in the caption. Maybe you’d enjoy comparing the two versions and see what line breaks can do to a poem in aspects other than visually.

A Game With Time

I look up to the starry sky and ask,
“why do you play with hearts like they don’t shatter?”
Did you not notice the clock of time
when you let two soulmates pass by each other?
Or when one soul losses his footing and falls behind in the race,
while she dances in the arms of someone else?

I realize you don’t have any answers for me,
but I can’t help but howl up at the moon for those…

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