Kindness is Dying


inspired by the words of Charity Parkerson


if beauty slays

what might have been

the beast, then beauty

loses something greater

than itself


the battle starts with us

inside these bars of purity

nailed shut –


i can see a garden

built around the torn-up

earth, a barricade and

prison from diversity –


nothing lives

but weeds find holes,


they always do.


© Ben Ditmars 2017

Image Source: Flickr

Review: Perfect Harmony Yoga and Fitness

I thought about this for a long time. I can say I feel discriminated against, or that I cried for most of the drive home, but it would not change anything. I can say that I feel discouraged from trying yoga at all, but who would listen? This review is solely for my own catharsis and whether it helps anyone decide one way or another is beyond my control.

I started my journey three weeks ago, needing a form of exercise to help with diabetes. I love my job, but there are not many places to go later in the evening. This is why I initially found the location desirable. It fit my schedule, and I had hoped the yoga might help me find balance and stay healthy.

The class itself was okay; I could have used more direct instruction and the instructor did not let met me ask questions. I probably should have sensed something was off, but I was committed to make things work.

Due to work, I was not able to make the next couple meetings. When I could come again the instructor told me she did not want me there anymore because of my gender. She explained how the women felt ‘vulnerable’ with a male present and could not relax properly. I was deeply offended by this as she had said nothing regarding this problem when I first called her or attended class. I imagined a class or studio that wanted to be women-only would say so somewhere on the website. Therefore, I felt humiliated and rather cheapened for something I could not help.

She did not offer me private lessons or any other method to continue. I sincerely hope she is nicer and more forthright with other males attempting to exercise in her establishment. And I hope in the future, such attitudes toward gender do not persist. If males or females wish to pursue their goals – whether it be yoga, ballet, or even the presidency – nothing should stand in their way.

Definitions of Strength

go, gather explanations

from the dictionary to

explain why I am weak


as I possess the power

to move weights and

second guess myself


withstanding forces

while my skin lacks radiance

within the necessary wavelength

to glow dimly


acknowledging the

desolation in a nucleus

has not left me



© Ben Ditmars 2017

Image Source: Flickr


i breathe embers

ignition  on your skin,


smaze settles with

misanthropy for

anyone with less

a burden


as we  plunge, to bear

a steady stream,

aware of loss.


© Ben Ditmars 2017

Image Source: Flickr

Cannibal Star

Earth has no way of

Destroying nuclear waste –

Except for the bomb.


Volcanoes are too

Mild to split nuclei,

Erupting chaos.


And like conversion

Therapy, damage poisons

Water and the air.


© Ben Ditmars 2017

Image Source: Flickr

Impact of Extinction

i realize in that moment,

i did not care about the

impact of extinction


i only wanted fire

to consume and feed

from ashes in a timeless

repetition –


let it burn away

the oceans with my heart


becoming black

scorched earth.


© Ben Ditmars 2017

Image Source: Flickr

Book Review: Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur


Milk and Honey

by Rupi Kaur

5/5 stars

I admire poetry and the strength it takes to sell books in the genre. Therefore, when I heard Milk and Honey was a bestseller, I had to read it. But my mind was cynical of anything so popular – until I saw the strength of Kaur’s words. The raw energy of her pain and passion; pessimism and belief, floored me in ways few other books have. It is a journey and a manifesto connecting not only the struggles of women but people everywhere. Her illustrations opened my mind as much as her poetry and brought the shorter poems more meaning. The only weak part of the book was the cover, yet it served as mask for the power within; an anticlimax almost before a pivotal rise. And I thoroughly enjoyed the pause with black pages between poems. I can emphatically say you will regret missing this collection.

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