Endure Illumination

in my crystallized pink lace

near twisted limbs


i illuminate,

am worthy of respect


beyond the gray cast



i endure.


© Ben Ditmars 2016

Photograph by Kim Stapf


We live in the shadow

Of a metaphor,


Clashing with a synonym

Or two or three


Spelled differently,



Struggles are engagements

Movements are crusades


Oh, no!


I blamed the years

and terminal disease,


Because I can

So they will only face me

In commiseration,


Like hard truths and

Bitters pills




© Ben Ditmars 2016

Image Source: Flickr

Obama Paper Dolls

I went to my first white elephant gift exchange this past week. Let’s just say there was an interesting assortment of gifts: giant, boot shaped candles, singing lobsters and a Justin Bieber poster to name a few. I had my eye on something special, however.

I saw in the distance, a light part in the heavens. Lo! The founding fathers called out to me and said, “Ben, you must have this ridiculous depiction of Obama and his many suits.”


Thus, like a cat hidden beneath an azalea bush, I waited for my moment to pounce. And believe it or not, I did not have to trade anything at all for this gem. I got to see the current President in a more revealing fashion than I thought possible or necessary.


The little voice in my head that should have told me “stop” let me keep cutting these out.


Isn’t he dapper?


I’m not entirely sure what happened here. But I didn’t see a very good template for Michelle Obama. I do think Barack wears the hell out of this dress, though.


Sometimes the Secret Service tries different disguises.


And isn’t this one just cute?

Anyway, I feel like I made out like a bandit at this gift exchange and I’m excited for next year. Hopefully, I get first crack at that Bieber poster.

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