Sleeping With Earth by Ben Ditmars #review @benditty

Lovely review 🙂

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imageWhen Ben told me he was coming out with a new book I couldn’t wait to read it. I’ve read all of Ben’s poetry and story books, this one is worth the waiting. It’s about the world and the people of today. Drugs, murder, suicide, love and the worlds problems. I loved the story poem, “The Nights End”. Ben also collaborated with a few authors, a sweet surprise. Ford Forkum(love his work) and Susie Clevenger, another great poet. Take the time and download this awesome poetry book.

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The World Famous Haikube Post

Two weeks ago at IndieVengence Day book signing in Frisco, Texas I asked some of the most talented poets I know to help me write haiku with blocks known as Haikubes. These blocks have words and phrases to arrange into 5-7-5 syllables. I was very grateful for their hard-work and support.



Haikube by Mary Ann Moody


Haikube by Ben Ditmars


Haikube by John M. Moody


Haikube by Susie Clevenger and Ben Ditmars


Haikube by Clay Giles


Haikube by Terri Malek and Ben Ditmars


Haikube with James William Peercy


Haikube by Melissa Miller Zaro


Haikube by Amber Jerome Norrgard