May You: Remastered Edition

I wrote this poem for my niece a couple years ago. It was on my other blog and I forgot about it until a friend requested a copy for their daughter. So, I thought I would present the remastered edition for your reading consideration.

May You

May you never regret

Not taking a chance.

May you always see

The sun through shadow.

May you feel love unclouded

And unjaded by experience.

May you believe the best

Of people at their worst.

May you still see rainbows as a

Miracle through all you learn.

May you stay yourself and

Realize you are beautiful.

Book Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


5/5 stars

I’ve spent over a week thinking of this book and how to quantify the next chapter in a saga that defined my childhood. I think it would be too easy to say it isn’t “canon” or merely “fan fiction”. Maybe because it’s hard to move on, or accept that Harry grew up like the rest of us? Or perhaps that he grew into a world that no longer finds him special or the chosen one? I had trouble accepting this, but it did not make me doubt Rowling’s authenticity. She gave us the characters after all and she ultimately decides their fates. Tolkien knew this better than anyone when he wrote his appendages and detailed the ultimate ends of his fellowship. But for me what makes this book indispensable as part of the original story is where it leaves us: in a world of magic and wonders, where essential truths persist into adulthood. I think the world and those who grew up reading Harry’s novels needed reminded that love conquers the overwhelming pain of tragedy, division within us, and even time itself.

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