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Today’s Poetry Month post is from Ben Ditmars, aka Ben Ditty, aka Gnomy of the Ditmars…ok, maybe I made that last one up. Either way, I’m glad to have him back on the blog. This poet has been a big help on A Life Among the Pages for years. You can find his work in the Story Time Friday and Prose Verse Babel archives, along with past poetry events. He’s even one of the poets who I worked with on the Four Paws anthology (haven’t heard of it? Click that title back there and check it out!)

To add to his generous contributions to the blog and the poetry community, here is a little bit on why Ben loves poetry. There are also two short poems to follow that up.

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Why I Love Poetry

by Ben Ditmars

Why do I love poetry? I guess it’s an easy way to figure…

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