Lost on a High Hill

be conscious of your strength
and powerless for everything
you know is freckled with
concatenation on your skin,
memories of pleasure
lost on a high hill.

© Ben Ditmars 2016

Image Source: Flickr

Strike the Match

you ask me why it’s true,
how heaven loses every star
and every war, when we just
need a reason to be burned
in effigy, like bones are
nitroglycerin and crying out
will strike the match left
understanding… God’s not
dead but he’s fading.

© Ben Ditmars 2016

Image Source: Flickr

Solar Radii

I’ve spent time measuring
a volume of kind words,
aggression spilled on
pavement equivalent the
mass of ugliness.

he didn’t stand a chance as
bullets clashed with liters of
intolerance and hit between
the solar radius of three
young hearts.

© Ben Ditmars 2016


Photograph Courtesy of Kim Stapf

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“Lost And Found” by Maria Savva”Lost And Found” by Maria Savva

Purplerose123's Blog

“Lost And Found” by Maria Savva
I really enjoyed these short, but complete stories. The reason why the book was written at this time. I’m glad they were found! From sweet stories that got my heart, to surprise ending that made me laugh. For a quick but fun read, you’ll love this one. Well written, great characters.

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Unbound by Friction

I can’t promise you
everything or the make
the world less cruel, but
you deserve a fighting
chance at life

unbound by friction,
blisters on opinions
of your worth

take heart in slow decline
without the medication,
and be kind,

their suffering
has made them
what compassion
never will

we will be kind because
the politics mean nothing –
greed, the ugliness will fade
to pale against these moments
and a lifetime

searching for a warmth
beyond disease.

© Ben Ditmars 2016

Image Source: Flickr


fire-blessed from
gazing on the blue
sky and her eyes

altering the course
of destiny, her fondness
matches mine

with stones to
spare beneath
cigar tree beans.

© Ben Ditmars 2016

Animation by LunaPic

Photograph Courtesy of Jacqueline Smith.

Read her blog here.

#PoetryMonth – Poetry by @BenDitty

A Life Among The Pages

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Today’s Poetry Month post is from Ben Ditmars, aka Ben Ditty, aka Gnomy of the Ditmars…ok, maybe I made that last one up. Either way, I’m glad to have him back on the blog. This poet has been a big help on A Life Among the Pages for years. You can find his work in the Story Time Friday and Prose Verse Babel archives, along with past poetry events. He’s even one of the poets who I worked with on the Four Paws anthology (haven’t heard of it? Click that title back there and check it out!)

To add to his generous contributions to the blog and the poetry community, here is a little bit on why Ben loves poetry. There are also two short poems to follow that up.

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Why I Love Poetry

by Ben Ditmars

Why do I love poetry? I guess it’s an easy way to figure…

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