And Now a Poetic Interview with Pilar Edler!

Pilar Edler is a new poet who has been writing a long time. I helped her set up her website recently and have thoroughly enjoyed reading it. She has an honest gift for sharing her heart. It is my pleasure to introduce her today.

I was born in San Pedro Sula, but grew up in La Ceiba, Honduras-Central America. Studied at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras-UNAH- at the Faculty of Medicine. I’m currently living in Ohio, but would prefer warmer weather…

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I’m a mother of three wonderful children. I have been with my husband Brad for 22 years. I’m a social worker who loves helping people.

I’m a romantic at heart, love art in whatever medium that it comes. When I write, I like connecting my heart with my soul… some of what I write is true, but other times I’m bending it a little… I like to leave things to the imagination of whomever reads my work, someday. For right now it been read only by my children and a few friends. I have lived dreaming of being published someday, but I’m a little timid when it comes to that, people assume lots of things and some assumptions can be bad for my relationships. Lol.

I’m a very friendly, loving, and caring person which can sometimes get me in lots of trouble. I can too be very ornery at times (chuckles).

When did you start writing poetry?
When I was about 10 or 12 years old, I wrote over 100 poems, lost most of them with my move to the United States… left things behind and family disposed of it without knowing what they were destroying.

Do you have a favorite poet/poem?
Umm, not really…there are several that I like depending of what I’m applying them to…that I can relay with…I don’t know if you know what I mean.

But one of my favorites is “Cultivo una rosa blanca” “I cultivate a white rose” by José Martí.

Does music inspire you? What kind?
Oh my God, does music inspires me? Definitely, I enjoy music so much… and dancing! I have never done any kind of drugs, but I can tell you…music keeps me high (from what I can experience that would be being high, lol). I like all kind of music, enjoy all genres, but specially reggae… I’m from the Caribbean and grew up dancing reggae and Punta (Stylistic origins‎: ‎West African, and Kalinago (Carib) music‎.

Cultural origins‎: ‎Late 18th century Garifuna music in Honduras, Guatemala, Belize). I also enjoy classical music… I have a collection of really old records of Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert to mention a few… my old record player is something I couldn’t part with.

Do you write on the computer or in a notebook?
I write on both, I carry a small notebook with me to jog thoughts and keep one next to my bed. Sometimes, I will be trying to go to sleep and my mind is reeling with thoughts…then, I write. I do must of my writing at night, when is silent and I can only hear my thoughts in my head or can read them to myself. Also, I suffer from insomnia, so I fill my “downtime” by writing 😊

If you could write a poem anywhere, where would it be?
Sitting on white, soft sand at the perfect time for a sunset. I love the ocean! Something I really miss living in Ohio.


What do you enjoy most about writing poetry?
I can freely express myself; my thoughts, my desires, my dreams, my anger, disappointments, etc.

If you could hang out with any poet, who would it be?
Tyler Knott Gregson

If you could physically fight a fellow poet, from any point in time, who would they be?
Nuñez de Arce. Though I’m sure he would win, but not before I put some hurt on him

Have you read or performed poetry live at slams or open mic?
No, I have been invited and I have gone to listen, but never had the valor to participate.

Why does nothing rhyme with orange?
I have no idea, never thought about it until I read your question 🙂

Do you post your poetry online?
Yes, I have in the past on Facebook and Twitter. Then, had the pleasure to talk to you about WordPress… something I forever will thank you for.

Do you put your writing into pictures to share on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook?
I do have a terrible time with it because my poems tend to be long and I cannot fit them, but learnt a few tricks thanks to a little bird that told me how to use only part of my poems into the pictures. 😉

What is the most difficult poetry to write? Are there any forms you dislike?
Unfortunately, I can’t stand to be limited on words. Haiku, does not work for me… I admire people that can do it with easy. I don’t like to rhyme things either… if it happens is by pure luck.

Do you believe anyone can learn to write poetry? Do you think anyone can enjoy reading it?
I think anybody could if they have an easy way to express themselves and even if they don’t, that would be the way for them to do it. I don’t think everyone can enjoy reading it, until they get to “understand” it or how to relay with it. Poems can mean different things to different people.

Where do vanishing objects go? Remember to phrase your answer in the form of a riddle.
Now you see me, now you don’t. With a flick of your finger I’m either seen or I’m not.
Darkness vanished me, but all you have to do is reach to touch me or turn a light on me and unseen I’ll be no more.

What project(s) are you currently working on, poetry or otherwise?
Working on one, or maybe two, poetry books to possibly be finish on time to be published by Christmas time or early next year. Also trying to finish a series of poems and short stories titled “When we meet series”. At the same time, I’m trying to edit a series of photos I have taken and finish a few paintings that I’ll like to be used with my poems on those books

Would you like to share a poem with us today?

“Roof Top” – Pilar Edler

I hear the train whistling not too far away,
the motor of an ac working hard to keep the air cold,
the crickets in the night, a dog whining.
While the moon shines bright, I’m wishing a wish,
I’m hoping for a shooting star.
Roof tops were made for shelter, and so it’s become mine.
Here is where I come to think of you, of life with you, without you,
of death…in between, and beyond.
This roof top is my shelter out in the world,
my world…today at 3 am.
The moon is so bright…
it is a blue moon they say, but it is not.
It’s a light so pure and so strong, its beauty consumes me;
a perpetual matter of calming assurance that everything will be all right.
My love, after I have fallen asleep, after I have let it go…the moon you know,
will still light the world, but my world…it will forever remain blue. My soul then numb.
I came out to see a shooting star, seen none…
there is no hope in my roof top shelter as sunrises come.




I was born in San Pedro Sula, but grew up in La Ceiba, Honduras-Central America.

Studied at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras-UNAH- at the Faculty of Medicine.

I’m currently living in Ohio, but would prefer warmer weather… cannot stand the cold!

I’m a Ohio State alumni holding a BSSW. I have not been published, yet. I am working on a series of books to be hopefully ready by the end of the year. I enjoy writing, painting, and inventing a sort of things to use my creativity on. I’m a tomboy, always been…love working with tools of all sorts. Love taking things apart and putting them back together, though I hate following directions. Lol.

One of my best past-times is listening to music. My T.V. will hardly ever be on when I’m home by myself because I rather listen to music.

I enjoy photography way too much… I run out of memory space in all my devices because the amount of pictures I take and edit.


Find more about Pilar Edler:

On her blog:

On Twitter:


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