Rotten Leaves

Every month I meet with my poetry group, as part of The Mid-Ohio Fine Art Society. We discuss crazy revenge stories and share poetry. It’s a lot of fun and if you’re in the Marion Ohio area, I encourage you to join us. You can find the Facebook group here. During the last meeting three of our members, including me, wrote a short poem together. I would like to share it with you today.

Poem composed by Agnew Pickens, Pilar Edler, and Ben Ditmars.


rotten leaves decaying on the ground
better than tomatoes
in the summer
the worms that turn rejoice
in the musky smell
they leave behind for spring’s return
feeding my loins…
with rich nutrients storage
the air once hot and heavy
now frosted
preserving the promise
that our love
will return.

And now, a poetic interview with Ben Ditmars!

Pilar Edler gave me a great interview on her blog!


Ben was first published in his college publication. Since then he has been featured in several online literary journals. He has also recorded several episodes of a podcast on poetry (Lyrical Versification) with his cohost, Amber Jerome~Norrgard. Listen in on iTunes or Stitcher Radio. Currently, Ben lives in Marion, Ohio where he works in childcare. He loves historical documentaries and all things gnome.

12038719_10207701324997495_6824803390142429980_o-11- What are you currently up to/working on?
I’m currently working on a book of nonsense poetry with my friend Chris McQueeney. We’ve done a lot of collaboration in the past and thought it would be fun to put an adult twist on things. I’ve also been featured in anthology of chocolate fiction and poetry with some seriously talented writers. It’s called Tales from the Cacao Tree and is available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle.
2- What is your take on poetry, why it is important?

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#SundayBlogShare Cover Reveal for the Fourth book in ” Mind’s Eye Series” Tales From The Cacao Tree

I’m featured in a new anthology with incredible writers.

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I have the pleasure of revealing the “Cover” of book five of the “Mind’s Eye” series.
Lots of great photography, poetry and awesome stories in store for you from great authors like Ben Ditmars, Maria Savva, Darcia Helle, Julie Elizabeth Powell, Richard Weatherly, Helle Gade, Martin David Porter, J.Michael Radcliffe, Kim Stapf and lets not forget our editor Bob Helle.

Cover Reveal Cover Reveal

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