Neon Jungle with Natasha Head

I had the pleasure of writing a poem recently with one of my all-time favorite poets, Natasha Head. Please check out her work if you have not.

Image Source: Flickr

Filtered, on the fringe existence
We were just a phase, diluted
By the highway air

A glimpse of triumph
Before backing down

A random song delivered on the fm waves of a dying signal
The final breaths of its melody
Now imprinted on our story
As we chase pavement
Through neon jungles where we were never welcome
Beyond the fences
That failed to keep us tame

And what is tame,
But darkness,
My old friend?
Lay the exits down,
Before our pain subsides
To agony and grief

In shadows thick as syrup
Stories stretch like Christmas ribbon
Escape routes reveal themselves
Freedom beyond what hurts
We risk so much to raise our voice
Should we not risk the same to listen?

© 2015 Ben Ditmars and Natasha Head

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