maybe we are just scared devils
legs locked on a pleasure pier
against the the red, reflective
waves, your humid air
breathes mine.

© Ben Ditmars 2015


Thank you to Claudette Peercy for the use of her amazing photograph!

Cemetery Tours Redesign

Can’t wait to read more Jacqueline Smith!

A Platform of Sorts

Alright, folks.  I’ve mentioned before here that I’ve been considering re-designing the Cemetery Tours book covers.  As y’all know, I absolutely love the designs created by my talented friend, Ben Durham.


However, the images on these covers are stock images.  They are not ones that I own.  Yes, I paid for the right to use them, but eventually, I would have to repay.  I also couldn’t use the design for any sort of promotional products other than the covers themselves.  I love these covers, but I believe I have the talent, experience, and resources available to design book covers using only my material.  No stock covers.  Everything about the books would be 100% mine.

That being said, if you really like the old cover designs and you really want a “first edition” copy with the original covers, order them now, because beginning October 6, only the new designs will be…

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make noise
and taste your hair
between my fingertips
knotted like the world
has risen.

© Ben Ditmars 2015


Photograph Courtesy of the ever brilliant Jacqueline Smith.

Read her blog here.

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