Magnolia Magic


you are street shade
lost in space, gunned
down by jealous stares

where carpels touch
the whorl of your hair
we reach.

© Ben Ditmars 2015

Photograph and Title Courtesy of Jacqueline Smith


Afraid of Your Heart

Image Source: Flickr

Coffee and dim lighting
Hide the pins and needles

Thinking she might love me
On a Friday night

Her quiet music played
Between us on a tired stereo.

© Ben Ditmars 2015

Jaded Hours

Photograph Courtesy of Jacqueline Smith

these jaded hours made of shrapnel
shoot the breeze: we smoke inertia
born in creeks and meadows
drunk, but not that way, off
slender whims and slips
of destiny.

© Ben Ditmars 2015


we tore arteries and pinched
a nerve: blood vessels on a black
veranda touching clover where
the shadows parted and
I kissed your neck.

ears ringing with
sensitive, new density
along laced curvature

your hips sway in the

© Ben Ditmars 2015

Photograph Courtesy of Jacqueline Smith


And Now the Last Thoughts of The Elder Wand from Harry Potter

You’re breaking up with me!? I just killed friggin’ Voldemort!  Remember that?  Peeves sang Voldy’s gone moldy, and everyone hugged.  It was like the best moment ever and we totally shared it, dude.  The only thing missing were ewoks, but I could have conjured those too, because I’m the Elder Wand.  See what you’re missing?  You ain’t never had a friend like me…. Please don’t put me back in the grave.  It’s creepy.  I can change.  I didn’t even kill anyone the last time I switched owners.  Psychologists call that personal growth.  And it was all you, buddy.  Why don’t you sleep on it?  It’s not like anyone knows you have the most powerful wand in the world.  Except for the entire castle and soon-to-be convicted criminals you told.  But, hey, why sleep when I can turn pincushions into penguins?  It won’t even be hard.  You just say pincushion, penguin and it’s there, babe.  Let’s go for a magic carpet ride and sing Aladdin songs.  I can totally make Disney movies come to life.  It’s true.  You don’t like how Bambi’s mom died?  Boom.  She’s alive again.  Maybe you want to see Finding Dory a couple years early? Hey, I’ll summon a Tardis.  There’s nothing we can’t do.   Unless you want to cure hiccups.  I mean, I can try, but you’ve still got to hold your breath or get scared.

Bright as Death

her explosive life-force
bright as death
could live a thousand
years surviving warlike
multiplicity, a waxing
moon and thoughts
near termination.

© Ben Ditmars 2015

Photograph Courtesy of Charlie Clevenger



the years are no less beautiful,
she tells me with a tone of
vacant sweetness

ghosts of past impairment
haunting steps

drawn out
in labored sighs.

© Ben Ditmars 2015


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