Betray the Light

Image Source: Flickr

glass hides behind
a touch of rebel skin
self-regulating air

we breathe with
anxious feet left
tapping as thoughts
thaw –

jealousy remains,
counted in stale cups
of coffee

sideways glances
louder than pop
music can betray
the light.

© Ben Ditmars 2015


Every month I meet with my poetry group, as part of The Mid-Ohio Fine Art Society. We discuss weird things, write and share poetry. It’s a lot of fun and if you’re in the Marion Ohio area, I encourage you to join us. You can find the Facebook group here. During the last meeting three of our members, including me, wrote a short poem together. I would like to share it with you today.

Poem composed by Agnew Pickens, Ben Ditmars, and Brittany Larson.

Image Source: Flickr

The Summertime brings me such great bliss
getting drunk on dandelions
full of vinegar and piss
not enjoying the taste
feeling in my loins
the taste of pain
no more gain

Book Review: Lurking in the Deep


Lurking in the Deep

4/5 stars

Lurking in the Deep is an anthology of water and fear. I enjoyed most of the stories, but had favorites: The Water’s Edge, The Reluctant Seamstress, Wrath, and Dark Waters were by far the most frightening. I enjoyed the dark twists and original plot in The Reluctant Seamstress, whereas the beauty of The Water’s Edge was something to be marveled. My only criticism is that though the stories are individually good, it felt there was too much emphasis on dark creatures.


our love became a metaphor
branded with hot irons,
gypsy bloodshed in a
parking lot cascaded through
false memories and
strength to ravage sleep.

© Ben Ditmars 2015

Photograph Courtesy of Jacqueline Smith

Sweet William

Image Source: Flickr

I hear a lifetime of regrets
in so few words – slender
leaves and lovelorn wild red
his cries say more than I
can bear of war; spiced
clover near the white base of
his grave; the naval guns fall
bittersweet in silence:
father will forgive
your sins.

© Ben Ditmars 2015

Between the Cracks

fall undone between
the cracks, overpass me
on the bridge to bitter pills

swallow pain with sadness
we could buy the moon,
I’ll meet you there

blood red and jaded
when the world is burning
and you’re young

good looks can’t help
you fall in love, they fade

but she sees beauty
in unlikely places:

her eyes are made of
water and adventure.

© Ben Ditmars 2015

Image Source: Flickr

Shadows are the Shade

shadows are the shade within
clear boundaries; deep desired
whispers we have found.

imagine artificial light
and you will see our lust
corroded with despair,

the cotton fabric of existence
torn as waves crash down
resounding change.

© Ben Ditmars 2015

Photograph Courtesy of Jacqueline Smith

Thank you to Jacqueline Smith for her amazing photograph.

Find more on her blog.

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