Blood Loss


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it gets better
not because of fate or
bleeding through the years;
suffocate your past
and never give up.

© Ben Ditmars 2015


No Days Left to Sing

I’m not a social poet and I don’t make it a point to cover what’s going on in the world. However, I was stunned by the events in Baltimore and felt I needed to say something:


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No Days Left to Sing

no days left to sing
the earth will soon dissolve for Freddie Gray
lock arms and form a line; shout for calm
and gather in the streets:
no justice;
all lives matter.

spinal cords endure the sad,
uncertain rustling of each
burnt car; the broken bust of
Pallas; paper towels taken
as the fires rage.

we can’t rinse our eyes
of rioting: the bottles,
bricks thrown in protest
when this flesh and heart
shall fail.

© Ben Ditmars 2015

Stay with Me: Poetry Inspired from Boy Band by Jacqueline Smith

I finished Boy Band by Jacqueline Smith earlier today and I have to tell you the book is incredible. My favorite part however is the songs she wrote. They are beautiful and I wish everyone sang them on the radio. But I did something I haven’t really done before: I wrote a poem inspired by her lyrics as I read. This was the result.


Photograph Courtesy of Jacqueline Smith

Stay with Me

stay with me above
the velvet air; my fingers
spaced apart, your starlight
hand takes mine,

a world of constellations
fills the spaces
northern lights on fire
in the sky and girls like her
define reality

snowlight, summer sunsets
time is flying, sing to me
please dance like gold and
sweet perfume
interweaved and twisted
right hand, yellow
back on torso

she’s in love with autumn leaves, but
snow has always made me think of you,
he says as lights shine on the Midway
love will find her come what may,

the zephyrs sing, open up your heart,
remember June; let me be immortal words
made of blue eyes in the kind

I never was a song of night
renowned for beauty
but I know that we will
be together when the
night is falling down
these city lights.
she’s waiting.

© Ben Ditmars 2015

Which Song Should I Read for Spoken Word Friday?

One last time, the vote goes down for Spoken Word Friday. Which song should I read as spoken word poetry? This time you can vote or add whichever title you feel like.

Book Review: Boy Band by Jacqueline Smith


Boy Band

by Jacqueline E. Smith

5/5 stars

Boy Band surprised me. I wasn’t sure going in if I would connect with the characters of a modern boy band. Author Jacqueline Smith however is a tremendous writer with a gift for storytelling. Her characters are rich, successful, influential, but still relatable. There’s something very human in their struggle for acceptance and love. And I never knew how lonely or lost people at the top could feel. Add to this the relationships: oh, god, the relationships! They were a rollercoaster ride but I won’t give anything away. My favorite part of Boy Band was that though there was a degree of humor and YA silliness, the author was not afraid to get serious: whether it was the crushing double-edged sword of success or the pitfalls and ramifications of normal breakups. There are also several other observations on life that I found interesting. Whether you’re a girl, a guy, young, or old I think you will find something to enjoy in this book. It’s fascinating to look behind the music and be a part of the band.

Which Song Should I Read for Spoken Word Friday?

Once more, the people choose which song I will read as spoken word poetry this Friday.

Book Review: Jack Learns to Grill by Paula Walker Baker


Jack Learns to Grill (Volume 1)

by Paula Walker Baker

5/5 stars

Jack Learns to Grill is a great story. People may not think this of children’s books, but it’s true. Jack is an adopted dog taken in and nurtured by a loving family. He finds his way in the world through curiosity and playful humor calling his owners “mom” and “dad” respectively. Not only will children love hearing and reading this book, but I think there’s a more important message behind it. We should treat animals kindly and with love; not only because they need us, but because we need them too.