Story Time Friday Takes a Trip to Mars

Check out this dreamy space poem by Rob Zimmermann!

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A Poet on Mars

by Robert Zimmermann 

Will they need a poet on Mars?
When that first manned ship arrives,
with its crew specializing in
a range of scientific fields,
who’ll paint the landscape
with words?

Who among them will take a
picture to capture mankind’s first
steps on our nearest planetary neighbor?
Will the images be enough?

Even with our high definition
cameras and our almost instantaneous
data feeds, can those back at home
feel the rusty soil?
Can they lift up a nearby boulder
with little effort?
How’ll the camera capture the fear
of wearing only a bulky suit of armor
to defend against the death outside?

Who’ll be there to carry out
humanity’s greatest asset
to the human condition?
Who’ll be that poet of Mars?
When the ship lands and the words
flow out of the new frontier,
I hope there is someone to
interpret them.

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