The End of Nights Part 5

I published a poem in my collection Inhale the Night called Dark Knowledge. It’s about a lost woman named Leanne who struggles after a debilitating accident. This is the final part of her story in The End of Nights. Find the last episode here. And the first one here.

The End of Nights

Image Source: Flickr

She sacrificed
Her body on the stillborn
Altar– Gene had stayed
Because of pregnancy and
Little else concerned him
Or his lies.

Leanne glared at
Incandescent lights,
An endangered species
Like herself.

Her doctor and
The hospital slipped
Out of view, remained
Consistent for a spell of torture
On the whitewashed walls.

“Leanne,” McCormack told her:
“I know you loved him, but let go.”

“I thought he understood…
I fooled myself.”

“Men aren’t saints, Leanne,
The best of them will use you.”

“I knew that going in and
I accepted and embraced it
For so long…”

“He came here earlier today,
But they didn’t let him in.”

“I wish I hadn’t,”
Leanne said mournfully.

“He didn’t say much, but left a
Bill with the receptionist.”

“I imagine for the Firebird…”

“Gene also wants the ring.”

“He can have it,” Leanne remarked
“When he learns to swim.”

“So it’s with the car?” McCormack asked.

“Last I checked, but I had had
A lot of rum before I crashed with it.”

McCormack nodded in acknowledgment
While he checked her medication levels.

“It will be all right,” she thought.
“Winter and my life before have died;
Spring is morning and the end of nights.”

© Ben Ditmars 2015

3 thoughts on “The End of Nights Part 5

  1. Spring is morning and the end of nights
    So she said
    As she lay there all akimbo
    And the end of nights is all we have
    Any more
    All her thoughts were a twirl
    Worrying at her like a dog at a bone
    At times landing
    At others flying over her place
    In this world
    Is it here is it there
    She couldn’t decide
    And that’s the crux of the matter
    She couldn’t decide
    And in her indecision was a decision
    In and of itself

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