Lured into Spring

Every month I meet with my poetry group, as part of The Mid-Ohio Fine Art Society. We discuss weird things, write and share poetry. It’s a lot of fun and if you’re in the Marion Ohio area, I encourage you to join us. You can find the Facebook group here. During the last meeting three of our members, including me, wrote a short poem together. I would like to share it with you today.

Poem composed by Agnew Pickens, Ben Ditmars, and Cheryl Wilcox:

Image Source: Flickr

fishing with dead body parts
you know I stuck a fishing lure
up my butt one time
I didn’t catch a thing
spoiled the whole fishing trip
until the sun spawned
crappie dreams of rectal spasms
detached metatarsals
in a cool retreat from spring
is it really that hot in your
little pond,
you’d chase a foreign object?
those UFOs that skip across the water
in colors of sundown
sentences spelled out with rods,
punctuation from loose hooks
tick, tick, tick
I got a bite
I got a nibble of a nibble of a bite
caught between the noble demise
of sushi dreams or fish filet.

Story Time Friday Takes a Trip to Mars

Check out this dreamy space poem by Rob Zimmermann!

A Life Among The Pages

Story Time Friday Banner

fancy lineresize

A Poet on Mars

by Robert Zimmermann 

Will they need a poet on Mars?
When that first manned ship arrives,
with its crew specializing in
a range of scientific fields,
who’ll paint the landscape
with words?

Who among them will take a
picture to capture mankind’s first
steps on our nearest planetary neighbor?
Will the images be enough?

Even with our high definition
cameras and our almost instantaneous
data feeds, can those back at home
feel the rusty soil?
Can they lift up a nearby boulder
with little effort?
How’ll the camera capture the fear
of wearing only a bulky suit of armor
to defend against the death outside?

Who’ll be there to carry out
humanity’s greatest asset
to the human condition?
Who’ll be that poet of Mars?
When the ship lands and the words
flow out of the new frontier,
I hope there is someone to
interpret them.

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War Wounds

she speaks war wounds
from a flame, sobbing wine stains:
death-defying light,
a sudden mist of silver lining
bent on superstition.

frozen in the stratosphere;
your trust a heavy breeze
of free electrons, charging
atmospheres we left behind.

© Ben Ditmars 2015


Photograph Courtesy of Helle Gade

Film Review: Cinderella


5/5 stars

I went to see this movie for the Frozen short at the beginning. I had no idea it would be as fantastic or surprising as it was. Reading other reviews, I agree that the traditional approach by Branaugh is refreshing in an age of heavy revisionism. But the acting, tone, and message were also incredible. Blanchett made a superb evil stepmother and Robb Stark- I mean the Richard Madden- also blew me away. Apart from that, it did everything a fairy tale should do: it made me believe. The magic was tasteful, and not overblown; nothing appeared overly computer generated. It would have been easy to make the mice look cartoonish or grotesquely real.

Mostly, however I loved the message: it was less girl escaping poverty and anything can happen than previous adaptations. This message seemed at once simpler and more powerful: have courage and be kind. This set it apart from other adaptations for me. It was not merely Cinderella’s suffering and good nature, but her choices that mattered. These choices reflected onto nature and even her stepmother in the end. In an age of overblown and clumsy big Hollywood productions, Branaugh has accomplished something unique. I hope you see this movie, have courage, and be kind.

Striped Philosophy

Image Source: Flickr

Tell us, tell us
Striped philosophy

Tell it, tell it,
To Bill Watterson.

Orange and white
Across unlikely threads
Of your integrity.

Tell it, tell it,
To Bill Watterson.

Always sign your soul
Away with care.

Demand euphoria.

© Ben Ditmars 2015

Apache Verse

I was inspired by the song Geronimo by Sheppard to read more about Apache history and culture. I found a fascinating religion and story of resilience. These are two poems I wrote concerning my observations:


Like Wind

I move like wind
around the edge of fire
dancing with the earth
on strings and hearing
thunder from your voice.

© Ben Ditmars 2015

Image Source: Flickr



beads of sweat eclipse
grey mountains
and coyotes howl
at memories.

© Ben Ditmars 2015

Image Source: Flickr

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