Triptychs Coming Soon


Available for Pre-order on Kindle.


It is my pleasure to share the cover reveal today for TRIPTYCHS. I worked with some incredibly talented writers and photographers on this project. We each wrote stories and poetry based off images.

The collection is called “Triptychs” because each image has three different stories from three different writers.

My two poems, Think Green and Dry Dock are included. The photographs by Helle Gade and Martin David Porter which inspired my words are both uniquely beautiful. There is a contrast between natural and rustic that helped provide divergent perspectives. I can’t wait for you to read the result.


You can find the second book in the series, Reflections, for sale here.

And the first, Perspectives here.

Please visit the other great authors, writers, poets, and photographers who participated in this project:

Julie Elizabeth Powell

Maria Savva…

Darcia Helle…

Michael J Radcliffe…

Jason Mcintyre…

Eden Baylee…

Lisette Brodey…

Ben Ditmars…

Helle Gade…

Jay Finn…

Marc Nash…

Geoffery West

Martin David Porter…

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