Darkness Gone

Ciara Ballintyne posted an interesting photo on Facebook about sending platitudes to people in distress online. I mentioned sending a poem instead and this was the result:

Darkness Gone

Image Source: Flickr

where has all the darkness gone?
cash, vodka, promises of luck
chains bound around an
angel’s wrist – patience
was a highway but we
lost our way, airline
tickets pawned for
chocolate and a sugar
rush like better options
at the drugstore helped
us sleep.

© Ben Ditmars 2015

3 thoughts on “Darkness Gone

  1. I think this would make a great song , the lyrics here beg for that old guitar , i find it sad but also it gets me in the gut , it really speaks to me ,reminds me and maybe that’s why for me it begs for a guitar it reminds of another song , so sorry I cant tell you the name of the song but the story of the song was about meeting up with and old flame at the supermarket buying beer and sitting in a car then returning to their life’s oh I just loved that song and the music , the guitar , thanks for sharing , I just have to find that song for the music is haunting me now .

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