My 10 Least Appealing Ways to Die

I read a blog post today that mentioned aliens and it got me thinking: which would be the worst ways to die? Shooting or drowning might hurt, but they’d be over fairly quickly. And Dumbledore said there are worse things, but clearly being AK’d by Professor Snape isn’t as bad as….

10.) Getting the Electric Chair

I’m surprised it’s so high on the list too. It would be one of the most excruciating and painful ways to die, but I don’t think it would last so long as others.

9.) Getting Lethal Injection

I am not a fan of needles. I give blood because it helps people, but the thought of losing or seeing it makes me severely nauseous. Thus, the thought of being strapped down and waiting for a needle to kill me is terrifying.

8.) Being Castrated or Dismembered

It goes without saying that this is every man’s worst fear. I also would not care for the blood. Unless, it’s for Scottish independence…. or FREEDOM!

7.) Being Starved or Dehydrated

I hate being hungry. And I hate being thirsty even more. Usually the best part of execution is you get your last meal. I would feel ripped off without it.

6.) Being Drawn and Quartered

Speaking of ripped off. Ouch. Who wants torn apart by horses?

5.) Being Discombobulated

I don’t know how many of you have seen Mystery Men, but being discombobulated is not fun. I like it when my atoms stay together.

4.) Being Stabbed

Being stabbed sounds slow and painful. Add to this I dislike blood. Joker shouldn’t be able to savor all the little emotions and find out I’m a coward either.

3.) Being Crucified

Crucifixion is like a triple whammy. You’re stabbed, dehydrated and starved to death. Mad props to JC for it.

2.) Being Burned Alive

No one wants to go out like V for Vendetta did. Or the cats Spiderman didn’t rescue from the building in time. It’s bad enough when you touch something hot and burn your finger.

1.) Being Eaten by Bears And/or Aliens

Being eaten by bears is bad enough, but imagine if they teamed up with Predator or the creepy things from Independence Day. The planet would be doomed.

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