Extraordinary: The Ben Ditmars Edition

I’m not big on taking pictures. Don’t get me wrong I love photography, I’ve just never been great at it. Recently however I came across an old post by Jackie Smith where she discussed things she is thankful for in life. This got me thinking what experiences I am grateful for. Thus, with my limited collection of photographs, I decided to explore them.

I visited India!



I saw Blue Oyster Cult in concert.

blue oyster cult

I rode a mechanical bull.


I became an author and poet. Fellow writer Susie Clevenger took this photo of my book.


I got my teaching license. The kids drew me on the whiteboard too!


I attended a book signing in Dallas with authors and friends like James Peercy!jameshat2

And I got to wear his hat.



I received some awards for my poetry.


I went to Dallas for another book signing in 2014.


Poetry Read1


I handed balloons out with my favorite people.


And I saw the Mighty Mississippi.

2014-10-19 12.39.08

Plus, I wrote this poem today:

If I live or die a thousand years from now
I want the dust to settle by a stone that reads:
The magic never left my bones.

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