Celebrity Burgers

There might come a time, far from now, when I no longer write or teach. I could easily travel during my retirement but that would be surprisingly logical. No, my dream is to open a celebrity themed burger restaurant. I thought I might share the menu with you today:

The Taylor Swift Burger: There isn’t much meat on this lean turkey burger, but it tries really hard.

The BLT: The Bieber, Lettuce, and Tomato boasts a hardy helping of apple wood smoked bacon, iceberg lettuce, and roma tomatoes. Remember, it looks pretty, but don’t fall in love with it.

The Cher Roast Beef: This delightful serving of certified angus wears more cow than Cher.

The Kardashian Crab Cake: Jumbo-lump crab meat graces an extra large brioche bun.

Katy Perry Sliders: Cheese topped some beef and she liked it. I hope the vegans don’t mind it.

The Benedict Cumberwich: The world’s sexiest sandwich. This generous helping of turkey, ham, and roast beef will keep you satisfied for hours. Available with Freeman Au Ju sauce.

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