Hedwig and the Owlery Pt. 7

Hello and welcome to the seventh edition of Hedwig and the Owlery. There are now as many episodes as books, but we have a few more to go.  Tonight Hedwig rescues Harry and meets a new owl.  Perhaps something will develop romantically. You can find the last episode here. And the first one here.

Hedwig and the Owlery

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Percy’s owl, Hermes, delivered a message to Ron and stopped by the owlery for relaxation. He was as obnoxious and uptight as his owner. “Harry Potter is dangerous,” he told the other owls. Hedwig knew it was bunk: Harry was completely inept and could barely jinx a bowtruckle. She tried telling Hermes how worthless he was on more than one occasion, but he didn’t listen. He was determined Harry had some dark power yet to be revealed. It was ridiculous, of course. And yet, something in his yellow eyes possessed her: it was completely unmagical and at the same time very magical.

He returned the next week. There was no package in his claws, but he said his business was of upmost important. Hermes seemed slightly coy and more nervous than before. Hedwig found it strange she felt the same way. “Don’t you have business of upmost importance?” Hedwig asked as Hermes paced along the roost.

“I do, but I’m not sure I agree anymore. Your owner, Harry, seems all right, and the Ministry… I could never say a word against my master, but…”

Hedwig put her wing on his. “It’s okay,” she said.

They flew through past the Quidditch pitch and rested on the goal posts together. They could see Hogwarts Castle in the distance. Hedwig had never appreciated its vast beauty before. The turrets jutted out becoming clouds and melting with the sky. Before she knew how it happened her beak touched Hermes. They were kissing like Harry and Cho Chang under the mistletoe.

Hedwig saw something that made her regret the moment. Harry and Hermione were leaving the grounds with Umbridge. If she was fast enough she might help them….

“Hermes, it has been beautiful, but my pet is in grave danger….”

Hermes was surprised but understood. He had seen the same trouble in the distant light. She flew away before he could offer his help.

If only she could find them in time. There were noises that sounded like hooves, possibly centaurs. And then, something that was unlike anything she had heard before. It crashed against the trees and caused the ground to thunder.

The half-giant Grawp thudded around the forest and it was clear. Harry could be trapped beneath him or in danger. She searched the area frantically. The miasma of centaurs, dust, and other creatures made it near impossible. Minutes passed and she didn’t notice the thestrals flying, with their being invisible, until too late. She would never catch up with them at the rate they were going.

Hedwig could only do one thing: find Dumbledore and rip him limb from limb. Nothing else could give her solace. By the time she found him, Harry had returned.

“How could you leave the castle and not stop him from going to the Department of Mysteries? That’s the most reckless, dangerous place he could have gone. You knew exactly where Voldemort wanted him to go and yet, there were no guards anywhere to stop him. Did you want him to risk his life with the other students?”

“Hedwig, it is about defeating Voldemort for good. We needed an opportunity to catch his followers. This was the best way to flush them out into the open.”

“How can you use young children as bait?”

“Dear Hedwig, it’s for the greater good. If I told Harry he would more than understand. He wants nothing more than fighting those responsible for his parents’ deaths.”

“He wants his friends alive more than he wants vengeance!”

“That’s not for you to decide.”

“Nor you!” Hedwig spat before pecking his face. She slightly regretted her tactlessness but guilt was short lived as the sixth year went by.


You can find the next episode here.

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