Book Review: Groovy Cool Writing Techniques by Cinta Garcia de la Rosa


Groovy Cool Writing Techniques

by Cinta Garcia de la Rosa

5/5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed Groovy Cool Writing Techniques. It felt unlike other books on writing: informative, fast-paced, even humorous. I primarily write poetry and the exercises helped inspire me as well. No matter what your medium of writing, I think everyone can benefit from reading through the author’s explanations. You will understand not only how to get through writers’ block, but why you have it in the first place. I found this particularly enlightening. My favorite part however was book itself: from the front cover on you realize it will be fun. I liked the light and friendly tone, that was never condescending or confusing. It was clear that the author cared and wants her readers to enjoy the writing process.

And Now a Poetic Interview with Amber Jerome~Norrgard!

Amber Jerome~Norrgard is one of the coolest writers you will ever meet. She is also one of the best and most bad-ass people on the planet. And if that isn’t enough, she writes incredible fiction, nonfiction and poetry. An amazing friend and philanthropist, she teaches and supports charities on a regular basis. But don’t let me tell you everything. I’m here to introduce: the woman, the myth, the legend (and reverend) Amber Jerome~Norrgard.


Amber Jerome~Norrgard is the bestselling author of more than twenty books including The Eve of Leaving, The Allegory of Dusk, Interpretations and In the Gloaming. She is the Executive Director of the non-profit organization The Quillective Project, the President of 629 Publications and a professor at Collin County College. Amber is a coffee addict who currently resides in Dallas, Texas with her family.

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I’m a mom to three amazing kids, a publisher, an author and a professor at a local
college. In other words? Exhausted.

2. When did you start writing poetry?
I started writing around the time I was thirteen or so as a way to work through what
I was going through.

3. Do you have a favorite poet/poem?
My favorite poetry always changes depending on my mood.

4. Does music inspire you? What kind?
Very much. If writing is my first great creative love, music is the second. And again,
It very much depends on my mood what I’m going to want to listen to.

5. Do you write on the computer or in a notebook?
For my short story fiction, I write on my computer. But since my poetry is so personal,
I do that long hand in a notebook

6. If you could write a poem anywhere, where would it be?
I had the excitement of seeing the Cadillac Ranch on a recent road trip. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a ranch in West Texas with several cadillac’s buried nose down that has become a type of every changing artistic experience; you’re actually encouraged to use spray paint to leave your mark on the vehicles. I had the luck of being able to write the favorite poem I’ve written on one of the cars. It’s probably long since been covered by a can of spray paint, but I love that I placed it there.

7. What do you enjoy most about writing poetry?
I can’t always say with my lips what I’m feeling. Poetry allows me to express myself in a way nothing else ever has

8. If you could hang out with any poet, who would it be?
Rob Thomas. While he’s not a poet technically, songs are really just poetry set to music.
So he qualifies in my mind.

9. If you could physically fight a fellow poet, from any point in time, who would they be?
I’m a lover not a fighter Ben!

10. Have you read or performed poetry live at slams or open mic?
The closest I’ve come is reading my work at signings.

11. Why does nothing rhyme with orange?
So you’d ask that question

12. Do you post your poetry online?
Yes, I certainly do!

13. Do you put your writing into pictures to share on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook?
Yes. I find this is an excellent way to get my readers excited about upcoming book releases.

14. What is the most difficult poetry to write? Are there any forms you dislike?
For me, its Haiku. I have a hard time following rules.

15. Do you believe anyone can learn to write poetry? Do you think anyone can enjoy reading it?
I think you can if you’re open minded enough.

16. Where do vanishing objects go? Remember to phrase your answer in the form of a riddle.
I was not told this was a test!

17. What project(s) are you currently working on, poetry or otherwise?
The Quillective Project’s 2015 book, a new poetry collection, a non-fiction, and a new
Erotica collection

18. Would you like to share a poem with us today?

And You

And you
You promised me more compassion
More welcome
Less pain…

You lied.


Amber Jerome~Norrgard was first published in her hometown’s paper at the age of seventeen.  Since then, she’s used writing as a free form of therapy to celebrate the best parts of her life, and to work through the rough experiences. She is author of the bestselling collections of poetry, The Color of Dawn, and In the Gloaming, as well as 4 a.m., a poetry and essay collection, Wanting, a collection of short erotic stories, My Beautiful Jewel (Book One of the Miracles Trilogy), The Allegory of Dusk, a short story fiction collection, 11:59 p.m., a poetry collection, Waxing Poetic: The 2012 Collected Poetic Works of Amber Jerome~Norrgard, 9:17 a.m., a collection, Longing for 3 a.m., a poetry collection, Slipping into Evening, a poetry collection, Yearning, a collection of short erotic stories, Midnight Musings, a poetry collection, Six Hundred and Twenty-Nine Miles to Sanity: The 2013 Collected Poetic Works of Amber Jerome~Norrgard, Volume One, Autumn Dreams (Book Two of the Miracles Trilogy), The Cusp of Nightfall’s Caress, a poetry collection, Under the Moonlight, a poetry collection, Interpretations, a short story and poetry pairing, Daybreak, a poetry collection, Six Hundred and Twenty-Nine Miles to Sanity: The 2013 Collected Poetic Works of Amber Jerome~Norrgard, Volume Two, The Eve of Leaving, a poetry collection and the northbound path, a poetry collection. Amber is also one of the founding members and Executive Director of The Quillective Project, a literary collective designed to annually benefit one nonprofit or not-for-profit organization through the power (and sale) of the written word. Amber is the president of 629 Publications and FireFlower Promotions, and an adjunct professor for Collin County Community College and currently lives in Dallas, Texas, with her family.

Other Work by Amber Jerome~Norrgard:

The Color of Dawn: Poetry by a Member of Generation X

4 a.m., a collection

In the Gloaming, a poetry collection

The Wanting Collection

My Beautiful Jewel (Book One of the Miracles Trilogy)

The Allegory of Dusk, a short story fiction collection

11:59 p.m., a poetry collection

Waxing Poetic: The 2012 Collected Poetry Works of Amber Jerome~Norrgard

9:17 a.m., a collection

Longing for 3 a.m., a poetry collection

Slipping into Evening, a poetry collection

The Yearning Collection
Why Not?
David: The Beginning
“Say it.”

Midnight Musings, a poetry collection

Six Hundred and Twenty~Nine Miles to Sanity: The 2013 Collected Poetic Works of Amber Jerome~Norrgard, Volume One

Autumn Dreams (Book Two of the Miracles Trilogy)

The Cusp of Nightfall’s Caress

Interpretations, a short story and poetry pairing
Remember This

Under the Moonlight, a poetry collection

Daybreak, a poetry collection

Six Hundred Twenty~Nine Miles to Sanity: The 2013 Collected Poems of Amber Jerome~Norrgard, Volume II

The Eve of Leaving, a poetry collection

the northbound path, a poetry collection

Bought Cheap

“I deserve hell”
I exclaimed into the bathroom mirror
Realizing my jeans were sewn
In hell and I had bought them cheap,
There are more quotes on the internet
About food than poverty, but that can’t
Change reality or books on making money
There are songs about life
But fewer about death and
That is some small consolation
As there are many more
On love than there are hate.

© Ben Ditmars 2015

Image Source: Flickr

Mind’s Eye Author Ben Ditmars

The wonderfully talented Helle Gade interviewed me on her blog. Please give it a read.

Helle Gade



Ben is an author of gnomes, plays, poetry and more. He was first published in his college publication and heads the poetry committee at the Mid-Ohio Fine Art Society. Currently, he lives in Marion, Ohio and is working toward his Master’s Degree. He loves historical documentaries and all things gnome.


What genre do you write?

I mostly write poetry but I’ve been known to dabble in fan fiction and stories about magic Zeppelins.

Have you always wanted to be an author/poet?

Interesting question.  I’ve always been writing (and sometimes scaring my elementary school teachers in the process).

I know I’ve always wanted to be myself and make a difference, which writing seems to help.

Tell me three things your readers might not know.

  • I’m terrified of uncertainty. Writing helps me face my fears, but driving to strange places, relationships, even the dark at times can overwhelm me. …

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In Memory of Maya Angelou

I wrote a post in 2010 titled My Regards to Maya Angelou. In memory of a great poet I thought I would share it today.

Image Source: Google

I Know Why the Twitter Bird Tweets

The free bird leaps
on Google’s back
and scrolls down page
till the browser ends
and dips his wings
in Facebook rays
and dares to claim the internet.

But a bird that stalks
down his narrow page
can seldom see through
his lists of rage
his wings are clipped and
his feet are tied
so he opens his claws to tweet.

The Twitter bird tweets
with fearful trill
of the things unknown
but longed for still
and his tweets are read
on a distant hill
for the Twitter bird
tweets of freedom

The free bird may watch tivo’d Glee
And order up some good Chinese
and laugh as Sue Sylvester drones
On and on of kids off tone.

But Twitter bird stands on the grave of tweets
Getting “trends” for Trick or Treat
his wings are clipped and his feet are tied
so he opens his claws to tweet.

The Twitter bird tweets
with a fearful trill
of things unknown
but longed for still
and his tweet is heard
on the distant hill
for the Twitter bird
tweets of freedom.

Hedwig and the Owlery Pt. 10

This is the tenth and final episode of Hedwig and the Owlery. I want to thank everyone who has read this far. It was always a dream of mine to write Harry Potter fan fiction. And I’m glad I can finally give Hedwig a proper send-off. You can find the last episode here. And the first one here.

Hedwig and the Owlery


Image Courtesy of Martin David Porter.

Find more on his website:


She felt bliss beyond anything she had ever felt before. Her throat no longer ached from screaming and her body was whole. There were voices all around her: parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts… Hermes.

“Hedwig, you wonderful bird, you brave, brave owl,” he said. “Let us fly.” She opened her eyes and saw Hermes. His eyes were brighter than they were in life, but then, everything was brighter. There seemed to be a golden light bathed over every inch of their surroundings. It reminded her of a surrealist painting she had seen in one of Harry’s textbooks about Muggle art. Hermione had gifted it to him after coming back from France….

She felt saddened as she thought of Harry. The bliss of heaven could not overwhelm her sorrow. Hermes seemed to understand. “We don’t belong in their world,” he said. “But, there is one more chance.”

“Please, Hermes, tell me. I want to see him one last time.”

“You will always see him here, and in a number of years you will forever… have you heard of the Deathly Hallows or the Resurrection Stone?”

“I haven’t… what are they?”

“The Deathly Hallows is three items: the Elder wand, the resurrection stone, and the cloak of invisibility. They make their owner Master of Death.”

“But how will that help me see Harry?”

“Harry is the Master of Death. He possesses all three hallows.”

“So, the resurrection stone can resurrect me?”

“Exactly, but nothing can truly resurrect the dead. He will see you and you will see him.”

“I understand. When can I go to him?”

“Immediately. Time is instantaneous in heaven.”

“How did you learn so much? You’ve only been gone a few months.”

“Darling, months away from you has felt like an eternity.”

Before she realized what happened they were kissing again. She felt the pull of heaven and earth on her heart. Hedwig wanted the moment to last forever almost as much as she wanted to comfort Harry.

Clouds shifted into trees and air below her feet became grass. She was back in the Forbidden Forest surrounded by wizards and witches she remembered well. There was Lupin, who had tried to eat Harry as a werewolf, Sirius, and several others. They were comforting him with human words, which altogether seemed so limited.

“Harry,” she told him in owlish, “I never left you.” He did not hear her speak but felt emotion pour out from her. It was as comforting as anything the others had to offer him.

The world slowly shifted back to air. Hedwig was at peace despite knowing she would not see Harry for many years. She would spend the interlude exploring endless mountains and valleys with her love, Hermes. Through high peaks and low valleys they would bathe in ambrosia and make love in waterfalls. Hermes held her between his wings as they did and both laughed as if the world had never wearied them.

There came a day, of which no date can accurately be put, where Hedwig rested on a snowcap with Hermes. They had finished a beautiful day of hunting, and Hermes woke to the sound of her laughter.

“What’s so funny, my love?” He asked.

“I just remembered something my mother said a long time ago. She told me ‘You’ll go far in this world,’ but she never said which one.”

They laughed until the sun set and they fell asleep. All was well.

The End


Owl on the Back Fence by Justin Bog

Find more on his website:

Mind’s Eye Author Maria Savva

Helle Gade

Today I have co-creator and Mind’s Eye series author, Maria Savva on my blog.



Maria Savva works as an administrator at a legal advice centre in London. She studied Law at Middlesex University and The University of Law. She is a solicitor, although not currently practising law. She writes novels and short stories in different genres, including drama, psychological thriller, and family saga. She has published five novels, the most recent of which is Haunted, a crime fiction/psychological thriller. Far Away In Time is her sixth and most recent collection of short stories. She’s also contributed short stories to the BestsellerBound Anthologies (most of which are free to download on Amazon) and she is one of the founders of The Mind’s Eye Series. In addition to writing fiction, Maria is a music blogger for the UK Arts Directory.

  • What genre do you write?

I write novels and short stories…

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The End of Nights Part 3

I published a poem in my collection Inhale the Night called Dark Knowledge. It’s about a lost woman named Leanne who struggles after a debilitating accident. This is a continuation of her story in a weekly serial, The End of Nights. Find the last episode here.  And the first one here.

The End of Nights

Image Source: Flickr

She felt the barcode
Wristband and she knew
The softer side of hell
Had taken her –
Pain persisted
But Leanne could not
Voice frustration through
Through the breathing tube,
She wanted sunlight
And a normal life –
Whatever normal really
Was, she didn’t know,
Except, that Gene had
Never been a part of it,
Her past came back in flashes
Of vague light –
She saw her parents and
The men who never
Reached her: some had
Touched too deep before the thrills
Wore off, like morphine drips replaced
By emptiness and air
Doctors and police visited her bed and
She tried sleeping between questions
Sometimes during – Gene
Had taught her that in bed:
Feel pleasure for yourself
And leave the bare essentials
But now his car was at the bottom
Of a lake – she survived somehow
Against her will –
“Leanne,” a voice said shaking her.
“Wake up.”
“What is it?” Leanne feigned grogginess.
“You haven’t slept in days, so stop pretending”
“Gene?” she asked, her eyes adjusting to the light.
“No, my name is Doctor McCormack.”
“Are you here to arrest me?”
“No, I’m here to help you.”
“You can’t help me,” Leanne told him,
As she closed her eyes. The world was
Calmer without color. “I can help you,”
McCormack told her, “and I will.”
She didn’t argue or agree with him.
“I’m going to start you on antidepressants,
But before that, I want you to tell me everything.”
“Everything?” she asked him.
Everything and more.”
Thoughts of everything were
Overwhelming, yet she hadn’t
Cleared her mind enough
For crumbs since Beth and Jeanie
Crashed and left her –
“Leanne,” the Doctor told her,
“Start small.”
“I grew up small,” she told him
With a heavy smile.

© Ben Ditmars 2015


Find the next episode here.

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