Book Review: Between Worlds by Jacqueline E. Smith


Between Worlds

by Jacqueline E. Smith

4/5 stars

I am not usually a fan of sequels, but author Jacqueline E. Smith has found new ways to challenge her characters. Michael, Kate, Luke, and Brink (my favorite ghost) are incredible as they investigate and unearth the mysteries behind Stanton Hall Manor. Relationships are tested and romance emerges despite overwhelming circumstances. The second half of the novel where they encounter the terrifying and dangerous ghost Sterling was by far my favorite. I also enjoyed the first half and the development of Kate and Michael’s relationship. There were only a few reservations I had: I would have liked to see more ghosts in the lead-up to the climax. I understand the characters and stories are moving forward, but Michael has an amazing and exciting gift. I think more ghosts could have helped or provided interesting obstacles along the way. Perhaps Brink could find a ghostly girlfriend as well. He is my boy after all and I hate to see him lonely. Between Worlds however is a fantastic novel and engaging read I highly recommend. I cannot wait to read the next installment.

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