Alternate Ending: The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies

It’s no secret that the ending to the Hobbit trilogy disappointed me. I saw it again, and felt a little better, but Kili and Tauriel still felt manufactured; especially her last lines to Thranduil. That’s why I decided to rewrite them. I don’t buy that Tauriel doesn’t understand love or needs someone else to explain it to her.

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Image Source: Flickr

Tauriel: [weeps for Kili] You cannot be him. He is far, far away. Please, come back. It was much more than just a dream. I have seen the world fall away, but never darkness such as this. We could have walked beyond the forest and up into the night. We could have seen the fire moon and white light forever fill the air. I wish I could show you… I wish…

Thranduil: [sadly] It was real.

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