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The Darkness Inside

Wake up
You’re dead
What do you do now?
Caught between
The angel on your shoulder
And the demon at your back
Where do you run to?
Who do you have to turn to?
Are you all alone?

You lived your life for everyone else
(Your father. Your brother. Your mother.)
Will you get it back in death?
Your guardian angel can’t save you now
No, you’re too far gone
Will you miss him when he turns away,
Or will you not care even if he stays?

What does the future hold for you,
Endless nights of pain?
Limitless, endless
Darkness that goes on and on
Are you lost or right at home, my dear?
I always thought that you were the hero of this story
The winner in this deadly game

You’ve got a light that shines through
The darkness inside of you
Grasp that

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