My Adventures in Tea

A few years ago I bought a box of Tazo tea and wrote poems about the different flavors. These were the results.


Image Source: Flickr

A blend of black teas
Just right for breakfast
With some toast and eggs
Perks one up from
Tired misery.


Image Source: Flickr

A Rose Petal strips off its barb
To dive into a pool of chamomile
Where it makes love to soothing herb.

They twist inside
Each other
Sharing flavor,
Aromatic steam.

But as they fall,
Asleep on quiet buds
There’s a spinning sense
Of calm.

Decaf Chai

Image Source: Flickr

Heralding the end
Of adventure
To leave me tired,
Without motion.

My heart beats less
Rapid than it did while
Drinking your brothers
And your sisters down.

They passed through my veins
Electrically but you are years of
Clotting and cholesterol.

The proverbial black sheep
Of flavors.

Yet, I feel for you
So different, now alone like me.
It might possibly be fate
That’s brought us here.

Organic Chai


The spices weren’t as strong
As I remember them being.

I imagine that the dryness
Of the teabag faded
Fresh, new leaves.

But the hint of a memory,
Or a moment was sufficient
And I took what solace
There was possible

In faint recollections
Now less pictures than ideas
Of what transpired,
Changed my life forever.

Earl Grey

Image Source: Flickr

I wonder who this man
Named Earl might have been
And why they found him grey.

I’m sure he wasn’t black or white
But somewhere in between,
With how he talked and
Got things done.

He could have been a
Lawyer or a politician;
Perhaps a contractor with
Two-hundred different deadlines
That got into the tea biz late in life
When his hair had lost its sense of color,
Heightening his grey.


Image Source: Flickr

That sip –

A bitter wine,
Dry and remniscent
Of a past, now slipping
Through my neurons
Like water in the folds
of held up hands, cupped
to catch the rain.

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