Book Review: Birthing Inadequacy by Natasha Head


Birthing Inadequacy

by Natasha Head

5/5 stars

Natasha Head is one of my favorite poets: she has a remarkable way of seeing the world and pushing her craft further. And yet she is able to impart wisdom and truth without being pretentious. Her poetry covers issues such as bullying and rape culture, making them personal and real in ways editorials cannot. She relates stories from her youth, one about a stolen bicycle, to the inadequacy consuming our adult lives. The sections, divided into Conception, First Trimester, Second Trimester, Third Trimester, and Afterbirth, have strong themes of love and perseverance throughout. Birthing Inadequacy is an instant classic for me and I have read it twice already. Natasha dares saying what needs to be said and I respect her immensely for it. Perhaps her own words in “At My Alter” best describe the depth of her insight and understanding:

“My mind has been designed to think far too much
Overpowering the strength of the heart
Where the fire of belief is ignited”

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