The Joy of Writing: Recap

About two weeks ago I posted a poetry workshop called Joy of Writing. I had some great responses and plan to post another this Sunday. Here are two poems written from the previous exercise by Kim Stapf and Brock Gates.

Image Source: Flickr


by Kim Stapf

I touch the sky
With my eye
Watching the clouds go bye
Snapping a picture
The clouds move quicker
With just one clicker
I catch the picture


Image Source: Flickr

My lover from another realm

by Brock Gates

She loves the blue earth
The elegant blue marble we float away on in the cosmic
We love the skies in the twilight and at midnight
With bountiful heavenly bodies so illustriously close and yet
so vast and far away
We oscillate our voices with natures rhythmic tone
Of crickets and night song
I remember that hill
That we met on that summer night
Hidden love bright moon light
That was in another life

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