Harry Potter Sonnets

A while back I wrote three sonnets for my favorite Harry Potter characters: Colin Creevey, Luna Lovegood, and Neville Longbottom. I felt these were the bravest and most interesting: but often overlooked.

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A Sonnet for Colin Creevey

He gave it all for the man he adored,
and idolized for years in magic school.
Put down his camera, picked up the sword
to die outmatched by all but heart in duel.

Muggle-born, mudblood cast out his sixth year
coming back to fight pureblood mania
threatening his young brother, causing fear;
persistent, rampant xenophobia.

Petrified by snake but never frightened,
always standing with the good and bravest,
those thought selfless, true and most enlightened;
he proved himself an equal to the rest.

If there is a God he must know above
that Colin Creevey lived and died for love.

Image Source: Flickr

A Sonnet for Luna Lovegood

I saw you reading something upside down
In your compartment, wand behind your ear;
Corks strung in a necklace led me to drown
Within your eyes, blond hair, a new frontier.

We saw thestrals flying unlike others
Their shrill, strange yells so like our beating hearts
Sharing memories and pains together
As ones who had their families ripped apart.

Fighting side by side in more than battle
We were friends, almost lovers in a way
But your world and soul I could not rattle
And watched as you wore yellow on your wedding day.

You were beautiful, a dirty blonde sun
Eclipsed by your new husband, what can’t be undone.

Image Source: Flickr

An Italian Sonnet for Neville Longbottom

He clutched his remembrall though he’d rather
Forget the pain his parents felt for him
Until the point their minds went blank and dim,
Leaving him a legacy to gather.
Grandma didn’t help forget the matter
Nor Hogwarts teachers with assessments grim
Always finding the poor boy’s magic slim
With nerves and skill in hopeless scatter.
Neville transformed, matured with love from friends
Overcoming older, more skilled wizards
Living up to those who gave their sanity,
Health, devotion, past, futures and wits end,
He sliced Nagini’s head off with a sword
And helped Harry Potter save humanity.

Image Source: Flickr

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