The Joy of Writing

It is my firm belief that anyone can write poetry. It is not an art reserved for the learned or the few. Much like painting it can be taught. I want to walk you through a process today much like Bob Ross did in his series, Joy of Painting. We will have colors on our palette much the same comprising nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Follow along, express yourself, and above all, have fun.

The Joy of Writing

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It’s a fantastic day and I’m glad you could join me. Let’s start out and run all the words across the screen that you need to write along with me.

First off, we have some basic nouns:

Sunset; sky; earth; people

Now, that you’ve got those, let’s look at some verbs:

Touch; taste; feel; love

And finally adjectives:

Alluring; elegant; red; blue;

The first thing you’ll want to do with these nouns is pair them with verbs. I’ll give examples but you can put them anyway you like.

Touch sky

Taste earth

Feel people

Love sunset

After this we can determine who is touching sky and loving sunsets.

The simplest form to take for all of these is you, the writer:

I touch the sky

I taste earth

I feel people

I love the sunset

But you can just as easily enjoy these things with someone else, perhaps a close friend or even lover.

We touch the sky

We taste earth

We feel people

We love the sunset

Remember our adjectives? We haven’t forgotten about them. Take them from the list and pair them up: alluring; elegant; red; blue.

I touch blue sky

I taste red earth

I feel alluring people

I love the elegant sunrise

Feeling confident? There’s one more step. Let’s try it from different perspectives in the same poem: I, you, or we.

I touch blue sky

You taste red earth

I feel alluring people

We love the elegant sunrise

Feel free to change and rearrange these in any way you see fit:

You taste red earth

I touch blue sky

We feel the elegant sunrise

We love alluring people

That’s it for today’s tutorial. Let me know how it turned out and be sure and share poems on your blog or in the comment section.

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